We specialize in building energy modeling for all purposes including LEED, life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA), and energy conservation measures (ECMs).


Energy Modeling is a prerequisite for LEED Certification. The largest number of LEED points (19 out of 110) are available through the Optimize Energy Performance supplementary credit. You need an experienced team who can properly build your energy model to maximize the points available for this credit.

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

Many states require a Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) for any new or retrofit construction on state-owned buildings. They may also require a LCCA on state leases of private buildings. We can provide you with a building energy model and proper report to meet all state requirements for LCCA on these state facilities.

Energy Conservation Measures

Does your building consume too much energy? Are you proposing energy improvement to a building or considering making energy improvements? We can build an energy model to assess each energy conservation measure (ECM) and help you determine the most cost-effective solution and your return on investment.

Next Step

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