2 Things You Should Consider When You Need MEP Design Services

Because every space is different, there are different challenges and considerations that need to be made when you decide to renovate or design a building. We have outlined a few of them below. Learn what your MEP design may be missing.


Building Owner and Architect Agreement

If there is an agreement between the owner of the building and the MEP designer, then the design is not open to changes, and you will have peace of mind that the design plan is being followed. If changes do need to be made after the agreement, the system design should be changed accordingly within parameters agreed upon by the owner and designer.


Extra Space

Due to the nature of MEP design, you may not know that extra space needs to be made for your mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. If this extra space isn’t considered or if any measurements are off, you could end up with major design flaws. There are examples all over the Internet of poor spatial planning.


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